More than just Loudness... Our range of advanced algorithms also covers processes including Upmix, EQ, Filtering and Dynamics.


  • Level Magic™ Loudness Leveling

    Level Magic™ Loudness Leveling

    Take full control of your loudness with the audibly transparent Level Magic™ algorithm. Class leading intuitive and adaptive loudness processing in stereo or surround, for television and radio broadcast.

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  • Audio Leveler

    Audio Leveler

    For convenient listening under any condition, whether in a quiet living room with a hi-fi playback system, mobile on the go or in the car: take full control of your levels with the audibly transparent Jünger Audio leveler algorithms.

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  • Voice Leveler

    Voice Leveler

    Even the most experienced presenter can sometimes inadvertently create varying vocal levels. Sports commentary anyone? To assist in loudness based programming, a voice leveler can be used to pre-condition the voice component prior to combining it with the program element.

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  • Dynamic Range Processing - Compressor, Expander and Soft Limiter

    Dynamic Range Processing - Compressor, Expander and Soft Limiter

    Dynamic Range Processing is one of the most effective tools that an audio engineer has to make sure all of those important parts that have been recorded will actually be heard in the final product. Wide dynamic range content such as a theatre movie mix may require some careful and creative compression in order to provide a complete and pleasing experience on all consumer devices.

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  • Dynamic Range Processing - True Peak Limiter

    Dynamic Range Processing - True Peak Limiter

    A standard limiter can only stop samples from exceeding a certain level, but does not estimate the inter-sample behavior. Instead, the Jünger Audio True Peak Limiter is running at four times oversampling and utilizes advanced filter functions (excelling the performance required by the proposing ITU 1770 document) to detect any inter-sample anomalies and prevent clipping.

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Filter / EQ

  • EQ


    Equalization, or EQ is a powerful tool for fine tuning frequency response to create accurate tonal balance in the listening environment. Advanced equalization systems provide a fine level of frequency control but the key is to be able to adjust a narrower range of frequencies without affecting neighbouring frequencies.

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  • Voice Equalization

    Voice Equalization

    A presenter or voice over artist's voice should be instantly recognisable any time, any day. Spectral Signature™ dynamic equalizer is a powerful creative tool allowing adaptive control of spectral balance. Incoming audio is analyzed and its spectral structure is compared to a predetermined “reference” curve. This allows dynamic EQ corrections to be applied only if necessary to achieve a consistent sound image and tonal balance.

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  • De-Esser


    Loud and annoyingly sharp sibilants can become a problem with many speech and vocal recordings. The Jünger Audio De-Esser applies dynamic filtering that ‘rides’ on the source signal and remains completely independent of the absolute signal level.

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  • Automatic Upmix

    Automatic Upmix

    Why limit your broadcasts to just stereo audio? We can help you maintain a full-time 5.1 surround experience even if the majority of your content is only 2.0

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  •  Metadata Emulation

    Metadata Emulation

    When working with Dolby® encoded audio, metadata emulation allows the values of critical parameters such as Dialnorm, Downmix and DRC to be verified or adjusted and the resulting audio auditioned in real time to be certain that the end user hears exactly what the mixer intended.

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FM Conditioning

  • FM Conditioner / Phase Rotator / MPX Limiter

    FM Conditioner / Phase Rotator / MPX Limiter

    Transmitting FM radio signals brings a unique set of challenges to ensure that your station sounds the way you want it to and does not exceed any specified limits or maximum values. Our FM Conditioner process gives you control over the most important parameters to ensure clean, clear, consistent and compliant results including MPX power, deviation and pre-emphasis.

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Measurement & Logging

To ensure consistent high quality audio that meets all specifications, logging and measuring is an important step in any audio production or delivery workflow.

  • Audio Measurement

    Audio Measurement

    As the broadcast world continues to adopt loudness based normalisation at an ever increasing rate, it has become vital to be certain that any content distributed falls within the accepted range for both short and long term values and does not exceed any maximum true peak limits. Accurate measurement tools that can act as a "watchdog" and can trigger alarms if any preset values are exceeded are an invaluable aid to ensuring compliance and comfort.

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  • Logging


    Capture and archive loudness measurements on local or remote storage drives with user defined frequency and duration. Historical files can be recalled and the original live plots re-created for analysis.

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